Affordable Rates for our Community Members

Over the years, we have seen many people make a choice of either paying the high cost for health insurance or simply going without taking care of themselves. At Affordable Care Health Clinic, we believe everyone is entitled to good health care and feel it should be accessible, hassle-free and paid with cash (or check or credit card).

Our mission at Affordable Care Health Clinic is to provide patient-focused, accessible primary care for wellness, acute and chronic conditions at affordable rates for our community members. We welcome all ages to our practice.

Our Vision for Health Care

We all know there’s a lot wrong with health care today.

A typical experience involves going through an automated system to schedule an appointment; signing a clipboard at a sliding glass window; waiting a long time; telling your problem to at least three people; waiting yet again; and finally getting a few minutes with a hurried health care provider who’s looking more at a computer screen than at you.

Eventually, you get a prescription for a medication you can’t afford. You then check out with yet another person and make your co-payment and hope there are no more charges because your deductible is already high. Maybe that’s why you rarely go to the doctor and may have health conditions you’re ignoring.

Does this come close to describing your experience?

Imagine a different kind of health care—you make an appointment with an actual person; if you’re a new patient you don’t have to wait months to be seen; if you’re very sick, we’ll do all we can to get you in that day; you arrive for your appointment greeted by a friendly “careesta”; your wait is minimal because there aren’t two or three people scheduled for the same time slot; the actual health provider takes you to the exam room and assesses you personally. If you need a prescription, it will be appropriate and affordable. Best of all, you won’t be shocked by the cost, because charges are known in advance and based on actual time spent with your provider.

We at Affordable Care Health Clinic believe that health care is an essential right of all, and that it can be done in a caring, patient-centered, affordable and accessible way, so that people can get and stay healthy, regardless of their finances.



Diann graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Otterbein University and is accredited by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners with a specialty in Family Practice. Her experience includes working in internal medicine, caring for patients at various nursing homes as well as in their homes.